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 Transforming Regenerative Medicine!


Our Story: A dream rooted in personal conviction!

 Meridius Bio's story starts with two seasoned entrepreneurs, Richard Strafehl and Bill Cheliak. Their backgrounds paint a diverse landscape – Strafehl, the tech wiz, and Cheliak, the life sciences veteran. Yet, they were united by a single, powerful conviction: "All organisms have some innate ability to heal themselves, we just need to understand how to trigger it." This shared vision led them to explore the revolutionary concept of "programmable regeneration," a method of harnessing the body's own defenses to combat disease and repair damaged tissues.


Our Vision:

Unlocking the Body's Healing Code: The Vision of Meridius Bio and its Trailblazing Founders


Imagine a world where chronic wounds heal in days, diabetic ulcers vanish completely, and even hearts repair themselves. This isn't science fiction; it's the vision driving Meridius Bio, a company at the forefront of a healthcare revolution. But their journey doesn't begin with a product, it begins with a shared belief: that the human body possesses an innate healing potential waiting to be unlocked.


The architects of healing - the stories behind the visionaries!

Meridius Bio's vision isn't just a corporate mission statement; it's a personal passion woven into the very fabric of its founders' stories.

Richard Strafehl: from circuit boards to cellular code 

Richard Strafehl: from circuit boards to cellular code 

Strafehl's path took an unexpected turn. Starting in electronics hardware, his meticulous attention to detail translated into a fascination with the body's intricate networks. Witnessing loved ones battling illnesses fueled his desire to contribute to a future where biology held the key to healing. "The concept of programmability," he shares, "drew me to start Meridius Bio. The idea that we can guide the body to heal itself – that's a mission worth dedicating my life to."

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