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Brain Scans

Embark on a transformative journey into neurological wellness with AIMER at Meridius Bio. Our nanotherapeutic platform actively contributes to nervous system repair, revolutionizing neurological care beyond traditional methods. AIMER engages with the body's natural healing mechanisms to promote neural tissue regeneration and enhance neurological function. Backed by scientific validation, it represents a commitment to reshaping the landscape of neurological wellness. Explore the possibilities, embrace innovation, and welcome a new era in nervous system repair with AIMER at Meridius Bio.

Nervous System Repair

Central Nervous System Application:

Research backed Insight

AIMER alpha-gal nanoparticle nerve regeneration

Peripheral Nervous System:

Peripheral nerve injury often leads to functional deficits. In a model of sciatic nerve crush, local administration of 20 μg α-Gal NPs (10 nm diameter) facilitated macrophage recruitment (3-fold) and activation (increased M2 phenotype), leading to enhanced clearance of debris, Schwann cell proliferation (50% higher), and axonal regeneration (10% longer axons). This resulted in significant improvement in motor and sensory function, suggesting a promising role for α-Gal NPs in nerve repair strategies.

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