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Accelerated Wound Healing

AIMER Wound Healing: Swift Recovery, Lasting Results

Experience the future of wound care with AIMER at Meridius Bio. Our nanotherapeutic technology accelerates healing, minimizes scarring, and promotes tissue regeneration. Key features include virtually scarless outcomes, stability at room temperature, and an extended shelf life. AIMER is effective for trauma-related injuries, burns, chronic and diabetic ulcers, and post-surgical recovery. Scientifically validated with a 50-70% reduction in healing time, AIMER redefines wound healing, offering a revolutionary approach to swift and optimal recovery. Welcome to a new era in wound care.

AIMER alpha-gal nanoparticle wound healing

Research backed Insights

Rapid Wound Healing Graph

Surgical Incisions

In a model of wound healing, intradermal injection of 100 μg α-Gal NPs (50 nm diameter) around sutures significantly enhanced the infiltration of neutrophils (2-fold), monocytes (3-fold), and macrophages (5-fold) compared to controls. This translated to accelerated wound closure (40% faster), increased granulation tissue formation with elevated collagen deposition (20% higher), and reduced scar formation, demonstrating the potential of α-Gal NPs for scar-free healing in surgical settings.

Burn Wounds

The complex healing process in burns can be further complicated by infections. Topical application of 1 mg α-Gal NPs (micron-sized) to burn wounds in a "humanized" mouse model resulted in increased recruitment of neutrophils (5-fold as compared to control) 3 days post injury.

The most dramatic difference between the two burn treatments was observed 6 days post thermal injury. At that time point, α-gal nanoparticle-treated burns displayed near complete regeneration of the epidermis (mean of ~70%) as compared to the control (saline treated). These findings highlight their potential as a novel therapeutic approach for burn management.

Diabetic Ulcers

Chronic non-healing ulcers are a major complication of diabetes. Intradermal injection of 50 μg α-Gal NPs (20 nm diameter) into diabetic ulcers in mice significantly increased macrophage infiltration (3-fold) and activation (increased M2 phenotype), leading to improved granulation tissue formation (increased collagen deposition) and re-epithelialization (20% faster). This highlights the potential of α-Gal NPs to address the unmet need for effective therapies in diabetic wound healing.

Our Research:

Welcome to the Research section of Meridius Bio Corporation. Here, we showcase our commitment to advancing wound healing through cutting-edge research and development. We are proud to share our published papers, which highlight our contributions to the scientific community and demonstrate the efficacy of our AIMER nanotechnology solutions.

AIMER alpha-gal nanoparticle Publication
AIMER alpha-gal nanoparticle Publication
AIMER alpha-gal nanoparticle Publication
AIMER alpha-gal nanoparticle Publication
AIMER alpha-gal nanoparticle Publication
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