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Enhanced Stem Cell Therapeutics

Embark on a regenerative journey with AIMER at Meridius Bio. Our cutting-edge nanotherapeutic platform enhances stem cell therapy, optimizing regeneration, recruitment, and transplantation processes. AIMER is not just a treatment; it's a commitment to reshaping regenerative medicine for more effective and targeted outcomes. Scientifically validated, it opens doors to transformative possibilities and welcomes a new era in stem cell therapy at Meridius Bio.

Research Backed Insights

stem cell recruitment and differentiution

Inducing Stem Cell Recruitment and Differentiation

A basic characteristic of stem cells is their ability to differentiate into various types of cells (pluripotent stem cells). Beyond wound healing, α-Gal NPs hold promise for targeting a wide variety of stem cell regenerative applications.  Animal studies  indicate that α-gal nanoparticles recruitment of macrophages is accompanied by recruitment of pluripotential stem cells. The recruited stem cells are capable of differentiating into various types of tissue in these implanted sponge-discs. One day, AIMER NPs may regenerate critical endocrine functions such as pancreatic insulin production.

Functional Endocrine Regeneration
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